Email does not work for phpmail, forwarding also does not work

  • Answered
I currently have a form on a website hosted on an Inmotion server. I do not host their email and don't want to get into the business of doing that. I simply have the (A) record pointed to the IP address of my VPS. The form is trying to email them and me using phpmail but only I get the email. Example:

website: (hosted my Inmotion)
email: [email protected] (hosted by someone else)

When I try to setup a forward it says no account has been created for [email protected]. I don't have an account for them. I don't host their email. How do I get around this so I can have forms on my website. This is a HUGE problem.

Hello, Sorry for the problem with sending email from the form on your VPS. The issue here has to do with the PHP.INI settings for that form since it's running from your server. If you're using PHPMAIL to send it, then the PHP.INI configuration settings will need to reflect the appropriate settings. Check out this forum post for an example of those proper settings. Mail sent from this server will attempt to use the local settings unless otherwise specified. So, if you're using the LOCAL settings, but the recipient is on a mail server not being hosted by us, then you will need add the appropriate settings that the form knows to use the REMOTE server to determine the user. For example, if the setting for the server set to LOCALHOST, then the setting using the local mail server settings. This should be replaced with the IP address in order for phpmail to know that the mail server settings are not coming from the local server. I hope this helps to solve your problem, please let us know if you require any further assistance. Regards, Arnel C.