DNS editing to support email redirection

  • Answered
We have an inhouse email server. If we get a business hosting plan, will we be able to (or have tech support) add/edit the MX record, an A record and a PTR record. The PTR record is important since several of our clients refuse emails that fail RDNS checks.
Hello, Thank you for your question on DNS Editing for your hosting and email redirection. Yes, you can control all these records from within your cPanel. The MX records are created at the MX tool in the Email section. A records and other records types can be created using the Advanced DNS Zone Editor tool within the cPanel. The only hangup is the PTR record. You can use the DNS Zone Editor to set it up, but you will need to submit a request for the PTR backend setup to Live Support as our Systems Team needs to set that up. Or, they can set up the whole thing for you. Kindest Regards, Scott M