How do I protecting client sites from each other?

  • Answered
I'm new to reseller hsoting and I am wondering if there is anything I should do or even can do to protect my clients. If there are good articles available, that would be fine, but I can't find anything with how I'm searching. My clients mostly use WordPress which is notorious for getting hacked when updates are not applied. I've seen where all the sites in an account get the same code injection in every php file.

I'm wondering, can one client's security breach can lead to compromised sites in other accounts under my reseller plan? Is keeping sites in separate accounts enough 'cushion' for most cases of hacked sites, and in what cases should a site be either on a VPS or dedicated server in terms of security (not just performance)?
Hello jd, Thank you for contacting us about protecting client sites from each other. First, if you are a Reseller on our servers, keep in mind that our System Architect Team monitors our fleet of servers 24/7 for security risks. Also, since we use cPanel which is an industry standard, updates/patches are pushed out regularly to address known, and newly identified vulnerabilities. Here is a link to our full article on Server security best practices. Yes, it is true WordPress is often attacked. Here is a helpful link to our 10 recommended steps to lock down and secure WordPress. These should help you address most of the issues mentioned. Thank you, John-Paul