ERROR When installing WordPress

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hi, sorry im new to this, and not getting very far, im trying to install wordpress through softaculous but comes with this error:

Installation cannot proceed because the following files already exist in the target folder :


Please delete these files or choose another folder.OR

Select the checkbox to overwrite all files and continue

please give me step by step instructions on what to do .

also im wanting shared ssl, how do i apply it? and wordpress asks when installing if http or https what should i put?

thank you!

Hello, Sorry for the problem with the file during the WordPress Softaculous installation. It's actually a very easy thing to fix. You will need to do the following: 1) Login to your cPanel 2) Click on FILE MANAGER in the files section. 3) When File Manager opens, in the top right hand corner, click on SETTINGS. Make sure that SHOW HIDDEN files is selected, then click on SAVE to save the change if necessary. 4) In the right-hand window pane, you'll see a list of folders including one called PUBLIC_HTML. Double-click on the folder and it will open and list the files and folders that ares saved in it. One of the files is the .htaccess file. 5) Click to select the file and then you can delete it. Please take note that your WordPress site will become the primary site under the PUBLIC_HTML folder - meaning that when you type in your domain name (that you used to create the account) in an internet browser, then that is the website will be appear. If you had any other files from previous websites or application installations, it is possible that they may affect your WordPress installation. I would suggest that you run a full cPanel backup before making any changes. You can always install WordPress into a subfolder, but then it will affect it's URL. I hope this helps to answer your question and resolve the conflicting file issue. If you have any further questions or comments, please let us know. Regards, Arnel C.