Can't upload an image into phpList email template

  • Answered
I am trying to upload a file to the cPanel file manager to add to a phpList email template. I uploaded the file into File Manager to my (not the main domain name) using /public_html/ with a file name of wp-blog-header.php Now I want to add it as a header on a phpList email template. So the url I used is public_html/ The link appears to be broken. What is the correct url address form? Thanks.

Thank you for your question on uploading a file to your domain for phplist. I am a bit confused as you say you are uploading a file named wp-blog-header.php but you request assistance with phplist. wp-blog-header.php is the name of a core file for WordPress. Are you trying to use that with WordPress or are you trying to integrate that into phplist?

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Scott M