What CMS has database querying capabilities

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I want to create a database (I'm thinking SQL but am open to suggestions) and have it in my website so users can fill in data (ex. education level) and get relevant results from my database. What CMS has database querying capabilities like that? It's kind of like those quiz sites where you enter your data/answers and it references that to the data in the DB and then gives results that meets the users' needs. Any insight or advice is greatly appreciated... thanks so much!
Hello mwestm,

Thank you for your question on which CMS has querying capabilities. Most CMSes use MySQL by default. They all run queries as all the post and page information is stored in the databases. Plugins for them also have the aiblity to run queries in the database to get information, store information, verify information, etc.

WordPress is the King CMS right now, it is easier to use and has literally tens of thousands of plugins to chose from. You may also find it easy to create your own custom plugin to do what you want. I would try and start with that one.

Others options include Joomla, Drupal (VERY high learning curve here), Concrete5, and many many others that are capable of running on our servers. WordPress, however, is the most friendly, most documented, and most likely to have or accommodate what you describe.

Kindest Regards,
Scott M