Can't get email account verified on new laptop using outlook 2010.

  • Answered
it works on iphone but not on new laptop. Information is entered correctly
Hello, Sorry to hear you are having issues with your Outlook. If you are using the same information with the iphone, then you know they are correct. You also know that if the iphone connects, the server does not have an issue with the protocol. Are the iphone and laptop both trying to connect using the same network (ie: is the iphone on the wifi or using the phone carrier service). Are you able to log into the webmail directly using the laptop? If so, the issue is with the Outlook and/or how the laptop is using it. Does it give any specific error messages? If so, what are they? To be sure, you may also want to contact your live support so they can check live server logs to see if there are any entries on the server while you are trying to connect. Kindest Regards, Scott M