why log in Amp login so slow and faild so many times

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1, I can't log in the AMP, I tried so many times! I feel so frustrate!

2, why my website speed is so slow!!!

3, why after opened the web pages, I can't see my page pictures!!!

my website https://clevermosaics.com

I feel so disappointed, I think I will change another web hosting supplier.

Arnel C
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Sorry for the problems with your website and AMP loading.  I checked your site and AMP and both are loading okay.  The main thing that I see on your site is that it's loading a slider that is slow.  I would recommend that you run a ping/trace if you wish to determine why the site is loading slow.  I checked the Account Management Panel (AMP) access and it is working at this time.  A possible cause of the problems may be the location from where you are accessing the server.  If you are accessing the site from a distance geographical location, then it is possible that network latency (caused by the distance) is the reason for your login or slow website speeds.  Running a diagnostic tool can help determine the source of your slow access times.