BoldGrid Primary Menu Items

  • Answered
Hi there,

Using Boldgrid, I built my website with primary menu items. One of these items has sub-items each of which is linked to a page. How do I prevent the mother item from being clickable ( that will link me with a page) and only have the sub items clickable?
Hello Mohammed, Thanks for submitting a question regarding BoldGrid primary menu items. This is definitely an issue of preventing the opening of a primary menu link when it has submenus. You will need to create your menu items in BoldGrid under the Customization of the theme - that's where it's probably easiest. First, create a page (or post), name it as the name of the primary menu item you want to create. Next, add the sub menu items to your menu. When you have finished adding, use your mouse to move the submenu items UNDER the primary item. You will see that you can add them so that they're indented to the right under the primary item. This indicates that they're a submenu item. After you finish that , click on save and publish. You should then be able to go to your new menu item, and then when you hover it, it automatically opens the submenus without jumping to a linked page. Primary-submenu I hope this helps to answer your question, please let us know if you require any further assistance. Regards, Arnel C.