Can I install a Moto CMS 3 Template that I purchased from TemplateMons

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I got InMotion hosting because TemplateMonster said that the template I purchased from them will work with InMotion. I can't find any place to install Moto CMS, which is what the template requires. I feel like TemplateMonster lied to me. Help!
max rhodes
Unfortunately there is no special tool on your cPanel to install MotoCMS templates, but it is pretty easy to install it yourself. Simply follow wone of these guides -

MotoCMS HTML template installation -
MotoCMS 3 template installation -

You may also submit a ticket for MotoCMS support team in case you have installation problems here -
IMH Support Agent 5
Hello, Thank you for contacting us about installing your theme. If the theme is configured to work with WordPress then it should work fine on our servers. Sometimes the theme files from different third party theme designers need to be unpacked or unzipped before attempting to install them in WordPress. If you need further information about installing themes in WordPress you can follow our full guide on that subject. Best, Christopher M.