Prestashop 1.6 no carriers avaiable

  • Answered
I already tryed everything and I can not find the way to make prestashop 1.6 to show the any shipping carrier in the cart. It keep saying no shipping carrier avaiable.
I already check out these posts and replies and try everithing... nothing have work. Please help...!
Helo Yomiyomis,

Sorry to hear your carrier is not appearing in your PrestaShop checkout. This should appear given that the Carrier Zones are set properly and if the products allow that carrier.

To check your zone settings, log into the back end, then click "Shipping" and then "Carrier".

Next, click "Edit" for the carrrier you want to work with.

On the next page, Step 2 is where you will set the Zones. If you make any changes here, be sure to save them.

To check the item, click on "Products" and then select the product you want to work with.

Next, click on the "Shipping" tab. On that tab, look to the bottom to set the carriers. If there are no carriers in the list on the right, then all carriers are allowed. If you see carriers on the right but not the one you want, move it from the left list to the right.

Make sure you save any changes you made.

Making sure those two things are set should allow you to see the carrier when checking out.

Kindest Regards,
Scott M