Can BoldGrid use other WordPress Themes

  • Answered
Does BoldGrid have ability to use additional WordPress themes ? I really like BoldGrid and would prefer to use it as editor but have several WordPress themes I would like to use . In WordPress I can add new themes but do not see that option in Bold Grid .

Is this possible to add new WP themes Bold Grid or do I need to stay with WordPress ?

Hello Davetran1,

Thank you for your question on whether BoldGrid can use other themes. While it is technically possible to use different themes after installing a BoldGrid Inspiration, the results are not usually something you would want to keep. It would likely require creating a child theme and heavily modifying it.

I do know that if you are not using a BoldGrid theme, when editing pages and posts, you will not see the Row, Column, and Element drag handles in the editor.

To be safe, if you are moving from BoldGrid themes to another theme, I would recommend redoing the pages so the formatting is not distorted in the new theme.

Kindest Regards,
Scott M