We have questions after installing Gallery 3.0.9

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Thank you for letting us installing Gallery 3.0.9 from your cPanel.

We have 4 questions about our http://www.*********.com/gallery/. From http://galleryproject.org/, it shows
"Hosting Partner
InMotion Hosting provides Gallery with financial and development support, as well as an affiliate bonus for each new customer we send their way. Gallery 3 is supported out-of-the-box on their service, and their support team is knowledgeable in working with Gallery 3."

So that....
1) We are able to upload a small video (mp4 file) up to 10G, however, the thumb is empty. How do we resolve it?
2) We would like to upload a big mp4 file or other mini movies which is over 10G, it does not work. Is there any way we are able to do it? We do not want to use 'Server Add' method. Because most of us cannot use FTP.
3) We install ffmpeg.exe under bin, and Settings -> Advanced with "/usr/bin/ffmpeg", it still does not work.
4) We would like to know if you have any available version with theGD, and ImageMagick. For now, they are old, up to 2013... Also can you add the latest version of 'GraphicMagick' in http://www.*********.com/gallery/index.php/admin/graphics?

If you would like to try, we can give you user and password, or call ******* at 1 778 *** ****. We are building a new site for our alumni. Thank you for help.


Hello Wong, Thank you for contacting us about uploading videos into Gallery 3 and making server updates/changes. Unfortunately, even the Gallery Support Forums suggest using the server add method for larger videos. Can you provide a link to the video you uploaded? How big is the video you uploaded? Could you be more specific than "up to 10G" since this is a huge range? Ffmpeg can be installed, but it will require a VPS or Dedicated server. We are happy to guide you here, but since this is just the public forums we cannot make any changes/updates to your server environment, or provide account specific assistance. I recommend submitting a ticket request to live support regarding the updates, and they will let you know based on your specific account. I have marked out your personal information for security purposes. If you have any further questions, feel free to post them below. Thank you, John-Paul