Waiting for Available Socket

  • Answered
Any time I hit save on Wordpress (I have a Premium Wordpress Theme), my site stops loading. I am stuck with a white screen for at least 10 minutes. At the bottom of my page window it says "Waiting for Available Socket". This leads me to believe that your hosting services are very poor. Please fix this problem.
Hello vshumikhina,

Sorry to hear you are getting a "Waiting for Available Socket" error on your WordPress site. We are not having any issues on the server with any other WordPress sites. I did some research on the error message and this seems to be an issue that could also be within your browser. Are you using Chrome by chance? Have you tried another browser or device?

The error seems to occur when multiple tabs to the same site are open and one tab is awaiting the completion of a task. The other tab is not allowed to do what it needs until the previous tab completes its task. The error "Waiting for Available Socket" can result. Try another browser, or even the same one with a single tab to see if it occurs. This may rule out the server. If it does, then you will know the issue is one the browser side.

Kindest Regards,
Scott M