Are you able to host a podcast?

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apple requires the following, can you provide it? an HTTPS authenticated server.
Pick a reliable podcast host and be sure to host podcast episodes, artwork, and XML on an HTTPS-authenticated server. Podcast providers are reliant on the up-time, security, and speed of the podcast host distributing their RSS feed, podcast artwork, and episode files. For more information, see Podcast Partner Search.


Thanks for your question about being able to host a podcast. The short answer is "yes" we as a hosting service can host a podcast on our servers and most of our plans include a Free SSL so you can enable HTTPS. The level of hosting service you require will depend on the load that your podcast will impose on the server. If you're just starting out and your audience is fairly local, then you may want to try Shared Hosting level accounts. However, as your audience grows, you may eventually need to have a separate CDN (content delivery network) and VPS or Dedicated server to host your website/podcast. I recommend bookmarking our Live Broadcasting Education Channel for more detailed information..

If you have any further questions or comments, please let us know.


Arnel C.