Paid 8 hours ago, but no call (and email yet).

  • Answered
To inmotionhosting team,

I am your very new customer, just paid for the launch plan 8 hours ago. As I understand, I should receive a phone call from you, and 20 minutes after that phone call, I should receive an email to set up the password for further processes.

The thing is, I have not received any phone call or email although I have my phone near me at all time and have checked junk mail for several times. I contact to your company by live chat and talked with Eric. He said someone tried to call me, but couldn't reach. He also told me that he has already request a team to call me again. Still, noone call me.

I therefore come here to check whether there is other people who have similar problem with me. One show up. But her case is more extreme than me as she was waiting for weeks, and past through lots of process of waiting and calling and waiting..... That is really scary!

Please tell me this is not going to happen to me, a customer from outside the US. :'(

Thongchai W.

Sorry to hear you are having issues confirming your account. I do see where they attempted to call right after you placed the order. I also see that you were in contact with Eric recently. Eric sent you a confirmation email, this will work for you instead of a call. Please check your email account and you should find the confirmation mail there.

Kindest Regards,
Scott M