Prestashop : Issues with gapi and mail alert modules

  • Answered
I have some issues since one month on my prestashop ( This started at the exact same time of the last inmotion maintenance operation (1st of March).
- Google analytics api module stopped providing information on my dashboard error message:"google is unreachable (please check you firewall)" My website is still sending data to google analytics. This data is visible on the analytics website.
- Email notifications to customer (order validation etc.) are not being sent anymore. However email test is working and I can receive it on my domain address.
Anyone having the same issues ? And what kind of updates were done on the 1st of March ?
Hello Chingy, Sorry to hear you are having issues with your PrestaShop Analytics API and email. I did some checking with the API. Without being able to test your specific account, I did some research and found a thread on the PrestaShop forums that worked with the issue. You may want to check the thread and see if any of the solutions presented there help you. As for the email issue, we are not having any other reports of email failure after the March maintenance. Can you give some more details? Are you able to test an email from an actual email account to a customer's email? Is it only PrestaShop having the issue? Have you enabled error reporting and seen if there is an error message? Kindest Regards, Scott M