Variations are not being added to the cart

  • Answered
In my woocommerce site all products are working fine but variable product are not adding on cart in woocommerce site its stated that it is due to because your host is using an outdated mod_security ruleset.So please provide some solution of it here is link of it
Hello, Thank you for contacting us about adding variable products to your WooCommerce cart. I set up a variable product in a WooCommerce testing environment on one of our servers and could not replicate the problem. I was able to add variable products to the cart. The WooCommerce article you provided mentioned errors reported in the browser's console window, or, in Chrome, "Developer Tools". Did you see the error there? If you believe the error you are seeing is derived from mod_sec rules you can try disabling mod_sec in your cPanel. Best, Christopher M.