How to create website in an addon domain

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How can i create a website with my add on domain "". Our main domain is example Recently, the organization wants to shut down our website and create a new one using My addon domain was registered in a different registrar and I already modify its nameserver. My problem is that how can I create a new website to my directory without deleting all the files of our old website which I recently turned down. I want to use wordpress but the directory is directing to the main domain with a folder named "" where I installed it.

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Need to add on website per purchased plan, please advise, thank you
Hello, Thank you for your question on how to create a site in an addon domain. When you create an addon domain, it creates a separate folder so that it can contain its own files. This allows the addon domain to be independent of the primary domain and will not affect the files in the primary domain. Once you have the domain added to your cPanel as an addon domain, you can select that domain to install WordPress into using the Softaculous tool. Kindest Regards, Scott M