Saving xml feed to an xml file on my server with cron job once a day

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I really hope somebody can help me with this asap. Would be very thankful!

I am a beginner to all of these server things..

I would like to save an external xml feed to an xml file to a folder within my public_html folder. (i.e. public_html/feed/feed.xml)

The xml should be saved once a day to the same directory, overwriting the existing xml file.

How can I make this possible?

I have earlier raised this issue in this thread, however I wish to rephrase the question so it can be clearer:

Thank you!

Admin you can delete the guest post that I accidentally wrote..

Hello Marcus, Thank you for your question regarding XML files. You could use wget or curl to render and save the file locally. You can write all of this into a cron job as well. Best Regards, TJ Edens