Change login permission of Wordpress in cPanel

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I am redirected by Wordpress to login to the wrong site. The case was that I installed a new Wordpress on a new subdomain. I didn't know that the name of the new subdomain had a duplicate. I couldn't understand the architecture of both Wordpress and Inmotion in this regard. The two subdomains look like this:
* is obviously different from Yet Wordpress didn't know that. The appearance in cPanel/File Manager is surprisingly confusing as Inmotion seems to put everything in folder: public_html. Both subdomains looked like this:
* public_html/newSubdomain
* public_html/newSubdomain
Wordpress said that the folder has already existed? Do you want to override? I did press "Yes" believing that the two subdomains have respective main domains. They are different. The result was confusion as I couldn't login to the original site that was already working.

I checked with wp-config.php (of the old subdomain) and found out that the name-prefix for the database for the new subdomain was already written by Wordpress during my installation for my new subdomain. I restored that name of the database in my old subdomain at wp-config.php, but didn't know where to go after it. I deleted already my new subdomain. My site that I could no longer log in to is

Thanks to your support.

Hello Jun, Thank you for contacting us about issues trying to log in to WordPress. I regret to hear that there was some confusion about subdomains. I recommend reviewing our subdomain guide for more information in that regard. For trouble logging into your WordPress installations, you have a few different options to achieve the same effect. For a complete walk-through covering these different methods in detail I refer to you our guide on Resetting your WordPress Admin Password. Best, Christopher M.