I cannot get my outlook to send or receive emails.

  • Answered
New account - signed up yesterday. I have followed the instructions for outlook found here. I have tried both the non secure settings and ssl settings. My other domain (through you) is working fine for emails. Also, my designer is having a hard time logging on to the FTP site. Do we need to wait a few days before we do these things?

Sorry to hear you are having issues with Outlook and FTP connection. After pointing to our name servers, there can be a 4-24 hours time period for propagation, but that is pretty rare. From my position here the domain name is pointing to us. I also set up an FTP account and it worked fine as well. I then tested an email account, connecting via the Tunderbird email client as we do not use Outlook, and it also connected fine.

We would need to see your specific settings in order to test your situation, including the usernames and passwords you are using. However, do NOT put those here, you will need to contact Live Support so they can walk through the test with you. They may also be able to look at live server logs to see any connection errors that may be occurring.

Kindest Regards,
Scott M