Boldgrid 'resolve' theme search results bug

  • Answered
I'm using the boldgrid resolve theme and the default search widget. I've noticed a bug that the link to the first result isn't displayed. This means you can't go to that result. Particularly bad if it's the only search result. Looking at the code generated the link seems to be in there but isn't displayed for some reason. Is this a bug BoldGrid can correct? Any other suggestions?
Hello Tim,

Thank you for your question on the Resolve theme with the WordPress search widget issue. I was not able to duplicate the issue on my own test site using the same theme, however I can on your site. I did find a line of code generated in the header for the results. This line of code sets the title to 'display:none' for the first result's post ID.

Digging for where that code is assigned, I did locate it in the framework of the theme. The function that is doing that was not meant for that widget. The function is designed to check a page setting to see if it has a 'Display Page Title' settign enabled. The serch result page has no such setting, so it defaults to 'hide page title', causing the issue.

I did report it to the BoldGrid developers and they have entered a bug ticket for it. It should be corrected in an upcoming theme release.

Kindest Regards,
Scott M