RTSP ip camera streaming service

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Wondering how to set up our new webcam to stream video through our hosted site (sanpancholife.com) and show it via an html page. I read that IMH does allow streaming (within bandwidth usage clause limits), but what streaming services / protocols / encoding are available? Is there an info to read more about this? Is it possible to use / embed VLC ... Thanks!
Hello, Thanks for the question about the RTSP IP camera streaming service and whether it could be used through our hosted site. First, as we are primarily a website hosting service, providing guidance on Real Time Streaming Protocols for a video footage is not within the scope of our support. InMotion Hosting servers can display a video, but you will need to provide a "player" that can play the video from your website. We generally do not provide streaming services on servers because it can become a primary factor in affecting server performance (especially on shared servers). If you were to do this, especially in a large scale, you would need to be on a dedicated server account. If the video is already formatted and can run directly in a browser, then it's often as simple as adding embedding code like Youtube does. Many live streaming Closed Circuit TV packages come with a video server that takes care of the encoding and streaming for you. Check out How to Embed Security Camera Video on a Website for more information. VLC (Video LAN Client) can be embedded, but not on a shared server account. As the name implies, VLC is generally for the end client and is used to play videos. I believe that you are more interested in trying to get the video streaming server for it. You can find more information about it by going their home page. Again, however, video streaming is best reserved for VPS or dedicated server solutions. Additionally, if you are serving multiple viewers, then the use of CDNs (Content Distribution Networks) is recommended in order to provide consistent playback quality over a large geographical range. I know that the majority of what I'm saying is against using streaming services on InMotion Hosting servers. However, the main concern is to not use it in a hosting environment where the service can impact the server performance. If you're using a stream that would have very little impact on the bandwidth because of limited viewers, then it would be possible. Then main issues would be then how to provide the stream to your viewers. This may involve a website developer, or solution provided to you by a streaming server package. Please remember that dealing with streaming video is best done with a VPS or Dedicated server account. If you have any further questions or comments, please let us know. Regards, Arnel C.