Reoccurring Error 500 - Internal Server Error

  • Answered
My site continually gets an "Error 500 - Internal Server Error" message when trying to access the home site.

InMotion support first disabled the automated Wordprss cron job. This fixed the issue for a day or two, but then it happened again, same error. Today they temporarily suspended and then unsuspended the site and it began to work again. I was told the cause for the 500 errors most recently is it appears that there are a large number of admin-ajax PHP processes which are eating up all available memory, thus causing other PHP process to fail to initialize. It appears there's something causing process to stack up, and it is related to a coding issue.

He said the fix would eventually ware off because the problem is in the coding.

Can you help me clear up this coding issue on my WordPress site without me needing to go to a Web Developer?

Thank you for contacting us about the 500 error. This is a public forum, so it is not an ideal venue for providing the kind of personalized services a web developer would give you, but if you have a question about problematic code we would be happy to help you identify a solution.

Christopher M.