I want to hide my real name in "whois" (privacy is enabled!)

  • Answered
I has two domains, and "Domain Privacy" is enabled on both of them, but there is my real name in "whois" (Registrant Name and Admin Name). I would like to hide my real name on all my domains, is it possible?

Thank you for your question on hiding your name with privacy. The name that you see is called the Registrant. That is required to be a legal entity. This can be a business name or a person, but whoever is listed there is considered the legal owner of the domain name. Many hosts or registrars will put their own name there for their customers, but that can become an issue with ownership later on. If you have another person that wants their name there or a business name, you can contact our Live Support team to have them place it there. But remember, that entity is then the legal owner of the domain name, and proving otherwise can be extremely costly should you ever need to.

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Scott M