I have trouble receiving email from the domain @equest.com

  • Answered
I can sporadically receive email from them at one of my email addresses, but never to mine, and it only seems to happen with that domain. What can I do?
Hello stace99, Sorry to hear you are having issues receiving emails from equest.com. I checked the server and only see a single email being received by our server from that domain. This means that any other emails sent by them did not seem to make it. Even if we rejected an email from them, there would be a record of it. Check with the sender and see if they are receiving a bounceback email regarding any they sent to you. If so, if they can send you a copy of that bounce to a third party email so that you can paste the contents here, or for better security, send it to our Support team at [email protected], we can take a look. Kindest Regards, Scott M