Error when Connecting to PayPal

  • Answered
Within the last few weeks, when using CURL to connect to PayPal, CURL reports error 35, SSL Connect Error. This error did not occur earlier, even though the PHP code I'm using has not changed. PayPal says it has recently required TLS 1.2 for secure connections and that this error may be caused by outdated SSL software on the server. Some forums say it may be caused by an outdated libcurl. My server reports version 7.19.7, while the forums say a newer version may be needed to avoid this problem. What do you think the cause may be?
Hello, Sorry to hear you are having an error when connecting to PayPal. While I cannot locate the specific version needed in my search, it seems that you may need a cURL version upgrade in order for your connection to work with the PayPal. If your server has a version of 7.19.7 and needs a newer curl version, that is not something that can be changed at the account level on a shared servers. To have a higher cURL version, you would need to upgrade to a VPS or Dedicated plan. Kindest Regards, Scott M