I can't change NS of my primary domain

  • Answered
I ordered shared hosting by Your company and was assured to get a free domain for that. So, I chose "breakpoint.info".
Now, I don't know how can I bound the "breakpoint.info" domain to my website on this very hosting.
Here is the screeshot http://take.ms/C5usR
When I try to change NS and go here http://take.ms/BFFN7 I find noting.
The questions are: 1) how can I change ns for my domain breakpoint.info
2) can we discuss it via skype or viber?
Hello, Thank you for your contacting us about issues changing the Nameservers for your Primary domain. If you have already registered the domain elsewhere, you will have to change the nameservers with them. Alternately, you can register the domain in AMP, which will allow you to manage the domain. If you have domain registration credits available, you can apply them at checkout. This is just our public forums, but you can contact Live Support via Skype. If you have any further questions, feel free to post them below. Thank you, John-Paul