Install Commentics via Softaculous

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I'm new to this so would appreciate your help. I installed one program through Softaculous and all went well. Tried to install Commentics and received the following message;
The following errors were found :
Installation cannot proceed because the following files already exist in the target folder :
Please delete these files or choose another folder.OR
Select the checkbox to overwrite all files and continue
~~~~~~~~~~~end error message
I left the Directory box blank just as I did on the previous install. Do I need to put this program in a specific directory or is it something else that is the problem? I am reluctant to delete any files since I'm not sure what I'm doing. :) Many Thanks!
Hello JimO,

Thanks for the question about the file deletions. As with anything in the computer industry these days, MAKE A BACKUP! It never hurts to have a backup, in case you need to recover. In terms of the .htaccess, includes and index.php files - the .htaccess file is a hidden file that will automatically re-written even if it gets deleted. However, if it has been modified, with specific code, then it should be preserved if you're not sure you need it. Some websites write to it for different reasons. The index and INCLUDES folder are generally PART of the website code. So, it is not always wise to delete these unless you're 100% positive that they do not have anything to do with your current website. If you want to experiment, then backup before you delete. That way you can recover if it turns out that you needed it.

If you JUST STARTED, and you did not put any files into your account and you're trying to install something from Softaculous, then it's no problem to delete existing files. The INCLUDES folder seems to indicate that you have already installed something though (or something was installed in that folder).

I hope this helps to answer your question, please let us know if you require any further assistance.

Arnel C.
Never mind I found what appears to be an answer on the Softaculous page. Thanks