Confirming if our development subdomain (duplicate WP site) is working

  • Answered
I followed the guide here:

I added a subdomain and copied the files over. Exported the original database, created a new database, and imported the database there. I also updated the wp-config.php and wp_options table for the subdomain. However when I visit it still seems to just redirect to the main site. Can you see what I might have done wrong here?

I want some way of determining when I'm on the development site that it actually is the development site and not production. Can I add a PHP Echo statement in one of the dev files somewhere to indicate it? Or something else? Right now when you go to the URL just shows so I'm uncertain what I'm seeing there.
Hello Dmonturo, Sorry for the problem in getting your duplicate dev site working. When you are looking at the development site, what URL are you seeing? If you're seeing the URL for your development site (as opposed to the main site), then the duplicate site is working. If you're seeing the main site, then you're being re-directed into the main site. You would need to remove the re-directs that are causing it to jump into the main site, or provide a rule that helps to ignore the dev site. OTHER than the URL, if you're sure that you're in the dev site, change something in the WordPress site settings that applies to the entire site - such as the BACKGROUND color. This way, you'll know you're on the development site instead of the main domain. Your re-direct statements will be in the .htacess file . There shouldn't be a re-direct that's making you go into the main domain. Also, double-check to make sure that you're NOT using the same database in the wp-config.php file. Your dev site should be working from a differently named database, even though its contents may be the same. I hope this helps to answer your question, please let us know if you require any further assistance. Regards, Arnel C.