BoldGrid Grids Are Not Working For Us

  • Answered
We installed BoldGrid for a small business site. I had about 18 pages and 6 posts on the staging site installed, some with more elaborate themes, some less so.

However, returning to the staging site after a break, I noticed all of the boldgrid elements had shifted around. The same is true on the active site. I also noticed that in my dashboard both oboldgrid themes were up for revision, which I performed, and still the structure (side-by-side content, essentially) I worked so hard on was gone.

Approximately 8 pages are all stacked content with no grids now. The boldgrid elements I painskakingly put in place look at best plebian and at worst horrible.

The same is true for a page that came straight from theme, lifestyle, that I didn't change at all but was keeping aside in the event we chose to use the format later.

I tried to install a different theme on the active site to see if that would make things better but no.

I could not even access the Boldpress themes at all.

Also, after I made the revision requested by boldgrid, on the active site I noticed that our company address and phone number in the footer widget defaulted back to the boldgrid address.

I want to know what is going on with this product.
I know this is an early product release, but it should at least be functional, don't you think?
Hello, Sorry to hear you are having issues with the BoldGrid site after updating. Just to be clear, did you see the layout change prior to updating? And updating even further changed the site? I do apologize and will pass this information on to the development team so they can work out these issues. Kindest Regards, Scott M