Questions related to WHMCS license and SSL

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hello,how are you inmotion hosting support!
I found that here is very helpful,questions can be answered quicker than I expected?days ago I sent an email to one of sales reps to ask some technical questions,but no reply,no idea why.anyway here is much helpful.I have some questions.
1,I found that WHMCS is not free,do I need to pay for the license fee for next month ?
2,where can I see my total storage ,total Bandwidth used? i mean including my main site and all of cpanel users (no users currently)
3,if 2 or more of my clients need to install SSL in their site,can they buy somewhere and install by themselves or ask me to install? or do I need to buy the dedicated IPs for each of them? is 1 Cpanel shared IP eligible for multi SSL installation?
4,I already installed WHMCS,but I can't find where I can set domain price,please point out.
5,how can i hide my email address in this community forum,can I change it to be a different name?
thank you so much ,inmotionhosting staffs,much appreciated
Hello futuretube99, Thank you for your contacting us with questions about SSL's, and WHMCS license. Sorry to hear you did not receive a response from our sales team, in the future feel free to submit your questions to Live Support. They are available 24/7 365 days a year. Our Reseller plans include a WHMCS license, there is no charge for this. You can monitor Disk Space and Bandwidth Usage of cPanel accounts in WHM (Web Host Manager). You can create CSR's and install SSL's for your clients, whether they buy the SSL from us or a 3rd party. You should be able to install multiple SSL's on a single IP address, but you can also request additional IP's, and assign them to an account once they are provisioned. Here is a link to the official WHMCS documentation on Domain Pricing. There they state domain pricing is setup in "Setup &gt Products/Services &gt Domain Pricing." I updated your username, and removed everything after the '@' symbol. If you want it changed to something else, please submit a request to Live Support. If you have any further questions, feel free to post them below. Thank you, John-Paul