How to install PHP 5.5.9 for drupal 8

  • Answered
Dear Sirs,

I want to install Drupal 8 on my advanced dedicated server. When hit the installation I get this:

"Your PHP installation is too old. Drupal requires at least PHP 5.5.9. See the system requirements page for more information."

1) Is it possible to install just for one subdomain PHP 5.5.9 within the same webhost account or do I have to create a separate webhost account for that specific site?

2) How to I install PHP 5.5.9 on a specific domain or specific webhost account?

Thank you

Hello psifneos, Thank you for contacting us about using different PHP versions for Drupal installations. In your dedicated server you can make different cPanel accounts if you wish, but you can also use a php.ini file in your subdomain's directory to specify which PHP version you want to use for that subdomain. Best, Christopher M.