Two sites without any sub-domains.

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Sorry for my English! :)
First time I buy domain -
Then I buy Business-Hosting and second domain -, so, my home path is "/home/BB5".
Then I try to add my first site ( on this hosting, I make "Addon Domain", and it automatically creates sub-domain "".
But I don't need any sub-domains! Why is the folder "AA" inside "/home/BB5"?
How can I make simply two sites on my hosting, simply separate folders for each site (NOT one inside another), without any sub-domains?
Thank you!

Thank you for your question on subdomains for websites. The cPanel program automatically creates the subdomains for all addon domains. This is required for the cPanel software. As long as no one knows the subdomain URL, then they will not be able to see it. It is basically only known by the account holder.

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Scott M