getting error messages installing on J3

  • Answered
I double checked steps 1 to 9 of your instruction and everything was OK. However I could not be able to install the new profile 10 plugin in my J 3.4.8 version. I was getting following messages:
JFolder: :delete: ......
Path: /home/xxxxxxx/plugins/user/profile/profiles
JInstaller: :Install: File „/home/xxxxxx/logs/install_56c06fd187511/profiles10“ does not exist.

What could the problem be?
BTW. Line 6 of your tutorial 1/3 is a bit unclear to me: Has the file profile.xml to be renamed to profile10.xml itself or only the code in the file?

Thanks for your help.


Sorry to hear you are having issues with your Profile10 plugin install. Would you be able to link the specific articles you are working with so we may get a better grasp of your issue?

Kindest Regards,
Scott M