Need to get my website recognised as

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I have now started on my web site and installed Wordpress. Got one page of a blog about pickpockets installed and in the process of customising the Home page. The email I received from you gave the contact as which obviously a trifle long and hard to remember :-). How do I get it to be Next step please. Regards Frank Church from Adelaide, South Australia
Hello Frank, Thanks for the question about getting your website to use the domain name that you have specified - When I checked that domain name, it's not actually pointed to our hosting service. You will need either update your name servers with your domain registrar, or change your A record for your domain using the shared IP address of your server. Once you have changed the domain name so that it's pointed to our servers, then you may need to change your WordPress WP-CONFIG.PHP file depending on how you installed WordPress. If you installed it and then changed the site to use the temp URLs, then you will need to change the URL for site. The steps for using the temp URL are described in this tutorial. You will need to remove the define statements if you used those steps. If you installed WordPress using the temporary URL from the start, then you will need to follow the steps in migrating your WordPress site not including the steps on moving the files or the database. You will need to make sure that the paths for the image files and WordPress installation are all set to the actual domain name. You should also reset your permalinks for your WordPress site since the URL will need to be refreshed in the WordPress database. Once you have everything changed, make sure that you clear your browser cache and then you should be able to see the WordPress site using your desired domain name. Also, keep in mind that any changes to the DNS may require up to 24 hours in order for the change to propagate onto the internet. I hope this helps to answer your question, please let us know if you require any further assistance. Regards, Arnel C.