No emails from forms after site transfer

  • Answered
Just transferred my site from another host to InMotion. There are several forms in the site. When a user fills one of the forms and push send button, he receives an acknowledge and switched to a thank you landing page. It is working fine except that no email is received from the site. It worked fine before the host transfer. Checked the form on WordPress and it looks OK. Tried changing the target email address to no avail. Waited more than an hour (in case there is a delay somewhere), still nothing received. Same behavior on different forms. What could be the problem? Must say that currently I'm not using InMotion email service, the target address is on gmail. I'm using Wordpress Pojo Forms Plugin to generate the forms.

Thank you for contacting us about email form not working after site transfer. I regret to hear that service went down. It's possible the code may have been referencing an old server number. Are you able to go into the code to verify if there is any older server information being called for?

Christopher M.