My posts, pages and medias are invisible from admin and front end

  • Answered
Hello, my site has been hacked. At first I thought all my content was deleted but no, posts, pages and medias are there but have been hidden from the admin panel and also on front end. As you'll see on that printscreen, it's written that I have 185 published posts and below you can see that it's empty. Same thing for the thousands of pictures on my site (they still there in the folders) and also for my 480 posts

Thank you for your question regarding your WordPress website. First of all do you have any backups from before when the website was working just fine? Also I see that you have a filter set in the second dropdown. What happens when you clear that filter out? Pages, posts, comments are all stored in the database and usually when a website is hacked it is the files which would be core files and images and any plugins/themes. Hopefully there is a backup somewhere that you can restore from.

Best Regards,
TJ Edens