CardDAV/CalDAV Settings for iPhone using Horde

  • Answered
I have a VPS hosted account with my own “” SSL certificate for my domain services. This allows me to provide my clients with a cleaner and professional access to their webmail. My goal is to provide an enterprise-like CRM environment for my clients. With the CalDAV and CardDAV integration into the Inmotion cPanel with Horde Groupware, this has become a reality!
I’ve been testing my email, calendars, and contacts syncs with my iPhone 6 with iOS 9.2.1. The IMAP email works great, of course. When I tried setting up the calendars and contacts on my phone using the settings given in the cPanel -> “Calendars and Contacts Client Configuration”, I could not get the iPhone to connect to the servers. I opened a ticket with the Inmotion support team (great people, by the way!). In the end, they gave me a different set of servers to use on my iPhone client:
CardDAV: (used my webmail username/password, NOT cPanel credentials)
CalDAV: (used my webmail username/password, NOT cPanel credentials)
I used the SSL option for both. Both the CardDAV and CalDAV connections worked! The calendars sync PERFECTLY between my iPhone and Horde. However, the contacts are not working as well. I can add a contact to my Horde contacts, and it will eventually download to my iPhone. However, when I create a contact in my iPhone, it will not sync up with the server. Does anyone know how I can get the contacts to sync both ways between my iPhone and Horde?
Hello, Thank you for your contacting us about an issue syncing contacts between iPhone and Horde. I spent some time looking into this, and ActiveSync may be a possibility. It claims "Just about every modern device capable of synchronization includes out of the box support for EAS. Android, iOS..." If you have any further questions, feel free to post them below. Thank you, John-Paul