WordPress multisite on shared business hosting

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I am creating a WordPress multisite of small business websites. I currently have a launch shared business hosting plan and would like to know if this plan will continue to work for me as I add more sites. Also, some of these sites will be using WooCommerce and I would like to be sure that I am using the correct hosting plan to accommodate this feature.
Thank you!


Thanks for the question about using a Launch Business hosting plan (shared server) for a WordPress multisite solution. Personally, I would not recommend that you use WordPress multisite, especially if these are individual businesses. However, if the sites remain purely informational and not heavily trafficked, then it should not be a problem. The main concern with the Launch Plan is that it is limited by the number databases that it supports. So, if you plan to launch more websites, not using the multisite solution, you would not be able to do so.

The other main concern with multisite is that one site going down can affect all of the other sites, since they're all in the same database. Additionally, if you plan to use WooCommerce, then you should most use a separate server in order to keep the files separate. This allows you to also have better flexibility because you may load WooCommerce on one account but not to all of them. This keeps the load down on the server and helps keep server performance optimal. It's also better for server stability and security as one site won't cause ALL of your sites to go down.

If you're hosting several businesses and you plan to go into ecommerce, then eventually you will need to be in a VPS or dedicated server. At present, if everything is still small scale, then you can use the Power or Pro plan.

I hope this helps to answer your question, please let us know if you require any further assistance.


Arnel C.