What is the standard practice of site development and maintenance?

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Hi, I am about to make the site using Drupal 7, Currently I am working on local environment. I have two queries before I go for the real web server development.

1. What is the standard practice of site development with Drupal 7: Do I need to make first site locally and then transfer to the Web hosting(which i find on several literature), Or Do I need to make the web site directly on the web hosting environment?

2. What is the purpose of 1 click Drupal installation: Web hosting including inmotion provides the facility of the 1 click installation, If I am understanding correctly, it will install the core drupal from drupal.org. If so then I need to install module and start the website from zero. So in this scenario there is no question of locally site development, I have to start on web server only, right?

3. What is the standard practice of site maintenance: On several literature I read to make One live site where visitor comes, One Test site which is similar to the Live site, where changes happens and then deployed to the Live site. Is this right? Or there is other real word practice?


Thank you for your question regarding Drupal 7. To answer all of your questions in one I would honestly suggest doing all create/maintenance/testing on a separate installation (whether it be local or in a different sub-folder) as Drupal can be a difficult CMS to learn. After you make the changes you want, migrate the files to the live installation as you should want to test the website before your visitors see it.

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TJ Edens