Can't find domain name/website from Google search

  • Answered
I signed up VPS1000s w/domain privacy. The site is "under construction". I was able to type domain name in Google search (Microsoft Edge browser) & access to the site. I did not see much related to the domain owner inf. Now, the domain name won't show up and instead I see other domain related sites like hall of domain & domain big data. " domain name" come up. Also I type URL directly and "certificate error" occurred as well. Can anyone help? (Sorry, I am not technical at all.)
Hello, Thank you for contacting us about being unable to find your domain from Google search. It sounds like you were able to see it at first because you saw the "Under Construction" page. The domain privacy available with registration only means that your contact information is hidden on the registration itself, but the website is still public. When I type in your domain I can see the "Under Construction" page. Do you want the site to be private? It is normal to see the Certificate Error when accessing cPanel or WHM. This is because our VPS servers use a self-signed SSL for security purposes. Please let us know if you have any further questions as you are getting started. Best, Christopher M.