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I'm relatively new to creating a WordPress site, but I am planning on building an upgraded version of (include twitter feeds, more hyperlinks, etc.) for our business using BoldGrid. There will be an event registration component to the site, for which I plan to use the plugin Event Espresso. I have experience managing, but not creating a WP site.

My question: Is BoldGrid/WP combo the best approach given what I've described above? Thanks in advance!
Hello Al,

Thank you for contacting us about using Boldgrid for upgrading your site. I think Boldgrid will be a good choice for you for a few reasons.

Of course Boldgrid is designed to work well within WordPress, and since WordPress powers 24% of the web you can be sure it is widely used and supported; and it should remain so.

Also, Boldgrid is open source, so you can customize it in any way necessary to meet your needs. You have more control over your own code this way.

Likewise, Event Espresso should work fine with a Boldgrid site.

Christopher M.