Authorize.Net Existing URL Updates

  • Answered
Hi Team,

We are in the process of updating the old URL's to new below URL's in the custom Authorize.Net project.

But while doing the project build and release in the files in Release mode, getting this below errors
" Failed to persist profile to underlying stores".

Tried to solve the but its not in control.

Could you please tell me if I don't upgrade the existing or Old URLs below. Will there be any issues??

Hello Sliverplate, Thank you for your question on existing URL updates for Unfortunately, this does not look like anything we are familiar with. It seems to be related to a compile-able language written for a windows machine. As we do not work with Windows machines, nor in languages that are compiled like Java, C++, etc we are unable to assist with your issue or questions regarding the URLs. Kindest Regards, Scott M