How do I allow only certain computers access to my site?

  • Answered
can I set a list of permitted computers to access and make changes to my site? I seem to remember a message about this but I cannot find it in the c-panel security area. I'm presuming it would involve the IP addresses of the permitted computers? What if one of my computers is going to be login in from different sites (and presumably assigned a new IP address at that time)?
Hello spider17_rich, Thank you for your question on allowing specific computers to access your site. If you mean specific computers or locations, then you would need to allow or restrict access by IP address. For those with dynamic, or changing, IPs, you may be able to determine their IP range and allow that range. If you want to allow specific people access, no matter where they are logged in from, you may want to simply password protect the site and provide them with a username and password to access the site. You can do this at the cPanel level as well. Anyone else visiting the site would get a popup asking for a username and password before being allowed to see the site. Kindest Regards, Scott M