Changed nameservers but nothing happens

  • Answered
Hi, I changed the nameservers for my previous domain name which had a website that I do not want anymore at Bluehost to the nameservers here at InMotion. I want that previous domain name to load my new website which has a new domain name hosted here on my reseller account. It has been more than 48 hours since I made the nameserver changes and when I try to load that domain name which is registered at BlueHost nothing happens, it cannot resolve the IP address.

What do I have to do more than changing the nameservers.

Thank You.
Hello Rdizazzo, Sorry for the problems with the domain name not resolving after changing the name servers. You did not provide the domain name that you're trying to use, so I am basing my investigation of the issue based on the primary domain name on your account. When I looked at the domain, it is definitely pointed to our servers, and when I put the domain name in a browser, it pulls up a website in French. I'm not sure if that is the domain that you're referring to, or if you are trying to work with something else. One thing you should check is if you have cleared your browser cache. If you have not, then it's possible that your web browser is trying to pull up the site from the old location. Please follow our tutorial on clearing the browser cache. If you continue to have the problem, then please provide us a domain name so that we can investigate the matter further. If you have any further questions or comments, please let us know. Regards, Arnel C.