Tables completely missing from WP site

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Between yesterday and today several tables in my WP site went AWOL. Neither me or my tech guy had gone into my site and of course we could not open it. He went into the PhpAdmin and confirmed that the tables were actually gone and restored from a backup from yesterday. He suggested this was a hosting problem. Any thoughts? Under what circumstances could this happen? Following were the tables that were missing.
wp_users: Table doesn't exist
wp_usermeta: Table doesn't exist
wp_posts: Table doesn't exist
wp_comments: Table doesn't exist
wp_links: Table doesn't exist
wp_options: Table doesn't exist
wp_postmeta: Table doesn't exist
wp_terms: Table doesn't exist
wp_term_taxonomy: Table doesn't exist
wp_term_relationships: Table doesn't exist
wp_commentmeta: Table doesn't exist
Thank you for your reply. Yes, it is helpful to know this. However, if the data was was lost entirely we would not be able to recover it unless it was in one of automatic recovery backups. These run every 24-36 hours and are overwritten. If you would like us to check you can request a data restoration request through your Account Management Panel.
Hello LilyJ,

I checked your database for the domain you mentioned and I see the tables there. I would like to get more information from you but be mindful this question is on our public-facing site. However, any more data you can provide will help us investigate further.

Christopher M.