Retailer Theme 1.9 not working properly with Wordpress 4.4

  • Answered
Please help! I don't want to risk losing data if I update my theme. This is a purchased theme, we've already spent a ton on this... I'm a basic Wordpress user. Please advise.
Hello Janastav,

Sorry to hear that your Retailer Theme 1.9 is not working properly with WordPress .4.4. This theme is a 3rd party developed theme for which we generally do not have access. Additionally, these themes may have custom sections that require your paid access in order to address issues. If you are having a specific issue because of the theme, then you will want to speak with the developer of the theme for specific support. If the issue is a general problem with WordPress, then we can provide support. We would also need details on the problem. We typically like to know error messages, steps you're taking to replicate the error, and specific URLs involved with the problem.

Please provide us more information on the problem and we can investigate further.

Kindest regards,
Arnel C.