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Home page code issue... can't get stray code off and the bottom boxes lined up. I'm a basic wordpress user, helping a friend with Retailer template. wellstonegardens.com Site had been neglected for 2 years, everything was outdated. When I updated, some of the short codes didn't function properly... lost some media. Afraid to update template because of the warning that data would be lost. This is a paid template & I have emailed support, but no response. Been at this for over 4 hours... please help?!

Hello Janastav,

Sorry for the problem with the home page code not be compatible with the new paid theme that you're using. We typically can't really help when it comes to making changes to a third party developed product. In this case, there is code that is not being accepted by the applied theme. You will need to find where that code is and either update it or remove it. You may need to contact the developer of that theme for support. That code may also be coming from another element of your website - such as the slider. If possible, you may to go restore the old site, then disable all of the plugins and then add the new theme to see what may be causing the code to appear. We always recommend that you backup your site BEFORE you make any changes so that you can address any issue that appear after your changes. Apologies that we can't provide a direct answer. I hope this helps to answer your question, please let us know if you require any further assistance.

Arnel C.